Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy 1st Birfday Ian!

Today is officially Ian's first Birthday. We, however, celebrated it yesterday with him for "convenience" sake. It was a day of fun in the sun, water fountains, food (of course!) and cake. Can't forget the (mini)Cake! He even got to do as he pleased with said mini-cake (which was REALLY good BTW, sherpa!) Unfortunately however, that mostly entailed a lot of mashing and smashing and not so much eating. Oh well, there's always next year Ian!

The day also gave me a little bit of time to play some more with the new camera and try to dig up the old photographer in me(trying to convince myself that I didn't take 4 years of photography in high school for nothing, dammit!). There's definitely much to re-learn and learn in the Digital Photography world! Anyway, here's some of my favorites of Ian from the day (some are also from the other weekend when Beefcake and The German were here). Happy 1st Birthday Ian!