Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where were they when I was young?

Walked into Urban Outfitters in Santa Monica last weekend and found 2 things I had wished I found like 10 years ago. First, in the T-shirt section they had a "Where the Wild Things Are" t-shirt. I LOVED that book and had looked forever for a t-shirt and now I finally found it. Unfortunately for me, it was white and I just don't see myself in a white t-shirt. Damn. Had it been black, I woulda shelled out that $26 in a heartbeat. Oh well. Maybe i'll find a block one in another 15 years.

The other interesting find was in the figurine section. Urban Outfitters always has all kinds of cool little figurines and these definitely caught my eye. They're Mr. Potato Head dressed up in Star Wars outfits. Awesome. Look closely at the weapon that the storm trooper is looks to be shaped like potato masher. Brilliant! Another one they had that I didn't get to click a pic of was the Transformers series of Mr. Potato Heads. They had one dressed up as Optimus Prime named Optimash Prime. Sweet. Where were these when I was younger?


Thursday, February 7, 2008

A tip for when getting your car serviced...

Ok, when getting your car serviced at a shop, especially if your complaint requires the Automotive Technician to go into your trunk, I suggest that you clean out the crap in your trunk. Just makes it easier for the technician to deal he doesn't have to clean up your mess. And above all else...please, please, please remove your bag of sex toys.

The other day a coworker of mine was working on a 7 series and had to go into the trunk and was greeted by this:

In case you can't tell, that's a bag full of various adult "instruments". You can't really read the box well in the pic, but the red box is actually a large, black strap-on. Nice. And the best's a woman's car which begs the question, "Just who exactly does she use that thing on?". A girlfriend perhaps? Or better yet...on her husband?
So, do us all a favor and clean out your trunk before you take your car for service...LOL.